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Here is a little game we are going to try at tomorrow's meet-up. It's called Magical & Mundane. Inside each tube an object will be placed. In the Magical tube it will be an object associated with magic and Mundane in which a common house hold item will be placed. Try remote viewing the items or just take a lucky guess and see how close you come to a correct answer!

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Bees wax cat and a silver spoon

Have you ever experienced something that just couldn't be explained with a definitive answer? Have you ever felt an incident seemed to defy all reason or plausibility?
We are not experts nor authorities of any kind on the subject but we are curious and unafraid to search for answers even in the most unlikely places.
Join us in discussion! Feel free to share without ridicule or shame. All questions are acceptable when asked in a respectful manner. Come on over, kick off your shoes, pour a nice tall glass of lemonade and relax. If you have no questions or answers, feel free to tell us something that made you laugh uncontrollably, for they say laughter is often the best medicine for the soul.